How to Find a Suitable Beach Hat?

Have you prepared your headgear for your summertime, and if you have planned some interesting activities for this summer holiday? If yes, it couldn’t be better. If no, you’d better hurry. But remember when choosing a beach sun hat think of the protection it can give you, plus what time and where are you going to wear it. As we can see, there are many kinds of hats which provide varying degrees of protection, designs, styles and functions, etc.

A good hat not only performs well at protecting you from the sun and the rays, but it also keeps you cool by shading your eyes and face as well as helping to block sun glare. There are several major points that you need to notice when you are choosing a good beach hat.

The brim of the hat

A hat comes with wide brim that can protect your eyes and the back of your neck. The optimum width of a hat should be at least 3 inches (7.5cm), which can offer the best sun protection for you. Some hats’ brim can be angled downwards that can shade your face and neck for all day long.

Bucket hats are great for sun protection, and some of them have wide brim that enough to cover your face and back of the neck. The brim can be rolled up and down, when you are in the hot sun, you can roll it down to get extra sun protection; when it is in windy days, you can roll it up to withstand the strong wind. While some sports caps are very popular among men but they rarely gives you more protection for your neck and ears.

The primary goal for a hat is to prevent you from developing skin cancer. Thus, you should take it seriously when you choose a sun hat. If you will stand in the sun all day long, you can choose a hat with neck flaps that will protect your neck and head. The bucket hat is specifically for fishermen, walkers or backpackers and anyone sensitive to the sun.

The fabric of the hat

Someone may first consider the fabric of the hat when they choose the best beach hat. Beach hats are often come with cool and breathable fabric with good ventilation to keep your head cool and dry on the whole days. It will keep your eyes shaded and prevent the sweat streaming down your cheeks. Hats made of straw or raffia is not very durable and cannot be crushed easily.

Nowadays, most hats are made from a fabric rated with an Ultraviolet Protection Factor. A hat has UPF rating of 50+ will give you maximum protection. This is particularly important for kids and some adults who have delicate skin. The hat is the easiest and the most effective way to protect their heads and faces.

Ventilation ability

Bucket hats often have mesh panels for ventilation on the sides of the crown. This may be an added bonus for you to choose the bucket hat. But remember to choose a bucket hat with small meshes, otherwise, you scalp will get sunburned. Some of the hats with a headband can wick away the moisture of your head and absorb the sweat.

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