Wearing Sun-protective Clothing to Protect You Skin from the Sun

Most people rely on sunscreen for sun protection. They think that there is nothing to worry about when applying sunscreen; but in fact, sunscreen cannot guarantee that you will be completely protected from ultraviolet radiation. Especially for some people who have not developed a good habit for applying sunscreen, they just apply it once before going out and do not reapply after that, so the sunscreen effect naturally weaken. Because sunscreen only protects you from the sun and ultraviolet rays within two hours, beyond this time, you are completely exposed to the sun, so you must apply it every two hours if you are going to swim or do some activities that make you get sweat. For skin safety, you must apply sunscreen after swimming or sweating. Also, it is best to choose a waterproof and broad-spectrum sunscreen that will protect you from both UVA and UVB radiation.

In addition to applying sunscreen every day, very few people realize or consider the UPF 50+ sunscreen. Sunscreen is an effective way to protect the skin from burning but it is the last resort for skin protection. Dermatologists believe that UPF50+ sun protection clothing and wide-brimmed sun hats are the most effective ways to prevent sunburn, skin aging and skin cancer. Wide-brimmed sun hats like bucket hats are very effective at preventing UV damage from your skin and also make you look good in a hat. Bucket hats can be worn by people in all ages.

UPF of 50+ sun protection clothing is considered to be the most effective way to prevent sunburn, skin aging and skin cancer. UPF 50+ clothing is seen by medical professionals to be the primary means of sun protection because it does not rely on sunscreen that needs to be applied to the skin. Ordinary clothing usually has a certain degree of sun protection, but UPF 50+ sun protection clothing only allows up to 2% of UV radiation to pass through the fabric. There are many reasons for using UPF 50+ sun protection clothing as the main means of sun protection. 

UPF clothing is also known as sun protection clothing. UPF represents for UV protection factor and is the sun protective rating for fabrics. UPF garments are made from sun protective fabrics and are also functionally designed, which means less skin is exposed to the sun. The UPF rating highlights the amount of UV light blocked by the fabric in question. Thus, a UPF of 5 means that 1/5 or 20% of the UV radiation is able to penetrate the fabric. In other words, 80% of the UV rays are blocked by the UPF. Regular clothing does provide sun protection, but still allows a large percentage of UV radiation to pass through the skin. Since UPF 50+ is the highest UPF rating, it is shown that up to 1/50 or 2% of UV radiation can penetrate the fabric. That is, at least 98% of the UV rays are blocked by the UPF rating 50+. UPF 50+ sun protection clothing is recommended as the best way to prevent sunburn, skin cancer and skin aging.

Best Golf Bucket Hats for Sun Protection

If you know the sport of golf, then you may be fully aware that having the right equipment is crucial to your success. Having the right golf club, ball markers, tees, golf bag and other things, of course, the right equipment ensures a fun day and comfortable experience of playing. However, if you forget a necessity like a golf hat, you’ll keep squinting and asking yourself “where’s the ball”? Therefore, when playing golf, a proper golf hat is crucial to the sport. Although there are a variety of hats for golf, as far as I’m considered, the best hat for golf is the bucket hat.

During your favorite golf sport, choose a bucket hat for men that suits you best and keeps the sun’s harsh rays from your face and eyes. The golf bucket hat is designed to keep your face shaded and prevent 98 percent of the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. Make sure your hat is UPF 50+ certified to protect you from skin damage, premature aging and increased risk of skin cancer. Also, a soft and lightweight bucket hat ensures you stay comfortable during long periods of exercise.

For those who play a lot of golf especially on hot summer days, a bucket hat gives you 360 degree protection, including your face and neck, especially a wide-brimmed bucket hat. A wide-brimmed golf bucket hat becomes the first choice for many golfers, both for professionals and amateurs. To help keep the sun out of your eyes, or a light rain from hitting your glasses, hats are an essential gear for every golfer. Some people prefer simple visor or sports caps, while others choose bucket hats to give them the protection they need. Each hat has its own advantages.

There are a few key factors that you should keep in mind when trying to find the perfect golf bucket hat to suit your game.  

The first thing is to pay attention to the material of the golf bucket hat. The type of material of the hat determines how you will feel during golf game. If you are playing golf in warm weather, you should pick cool and thin fabric which can keep you cool. Bucket hats come in a variety of materials, such as cotton, canvas, polyester and so on. Cotton, canvas and polyester are the best for warm weather while wool and felt will keep you warm in winter.  

The second thing is the ventilation of the hat. During playing golf, you may sweat a lot, so a bucket hat with vents for breathe is good for wicking moisture away from your head and ensure the comfort for golf. People often play golf in the warmer months, thus, you may want a hat with ventilated sides that will allow air to pass through the fabric, which will keep you nice and cool.

Last but not least, the brim of the golf bucket hat is also crucial for golf. If the brim is too wide, it may block your vision; if the brim is too small, it cannot protect your eyes and face, the glare of the sun may dazzle your eyes and you cannot focus golf holes.

How to Choose a Golf Bucket Hat?

As we grow older, the more time we spend in the sun, the higher our risk of skin cancer. Many golfers over the age of 40 have had lesions removed because of excessive exposure to the sun while playing golf. The classic bucket hat with a 360-degree brim has proven that functions and styles can be work well together. Wear a bucket hat to prevent further UV damage to your skin and enjoy your time on the course.

No hat will completely protect you from sunburn. The style of the bucket hat has fairly simple design, but also has many functions due to cylinder shape and extended brims. Wide brims and synthetic materials help you to keep cool and protect you from UV damage. Finding the right size and coverage is the most important factor when deciding which golf bucket hat is right for you.  

When it comes to materials of bucket hats, there are many options. Some materials are more breathable than others. Thicker materials usually maintain good shape over time. One advantage of these different materials is that you can express your personality with patterns and designs. Some players prefer plain but classic bucket hats, while others want to make a lasting impression with fluorescent colors. No matter what you choose, straw or cotton, wide or narrow, patterned or solid, just make sure it suits you and protects you from the sun so you can enjoy your next round of golf without any worry.  

Although there are many styles to choose from along with a wide range of materials and prices, knowing what to look for can be frustrating. The most important feature to consider is the level of UV protection. Each material has its own level of protection against harmful UV rays. Second, when you invest in a golf bucket hat, you want to choose one that really fits your head. While it’s easy to buy hats on the Internet, you don’t get the chance to actually try them on. Be sure to review the size chart to help determine the correct size. Here are some kinds of golf bucket hats that you can refer to and choose your own one.

This bucket hat features with unique design and premium quality. It can be worn by both men and women. The UPF 50+ material provides excellent sun protection from damaging rays for your face and neck. The sweatband of the hat can wick moisture away from your head and keep you cool. Also, the bucket hat has an adjustable chin strap that allows you to adjust the hat to fit your head as well as to keep the hat stay put in your head.

This bucket hat is perfect for you to wear while playing golf. The bucket hat has a moderate brim and a striped headband, allowing the brim to be flexible and downturned. It is made of 100% cotton which is light and durable.

The grey bucket hat provides a relaxed fit along with an extended and all-around brim for maximum coverage. Its material is breathable and durable, and it can be folded and stuff into your pocket. It is a good choice for golfing.

1950s Hats for Women

Hats of the 1950s were still worn by most women on daily life. However, the trend towards not wearing hats was increasing, especially for young people who were not advised to wear hats until the age of 20. In the 1950s, hats could be large or small with lower crowns. They were made of straw, wool felt, velvet, lace or satin and were usually decorated with a feather, beads, ribbons, flowers and nylon netting of veils. Women wore different colors of clothes to match different accessories. The hairstyle of the 1950s also changed the shape of the hat to a certain extent, or more precisely, the hat adapted to the change of hairstyles.

In the 1940s, a woman’s hat was used to add variety to her wardrobe, and to cover her unwashed hair. The hats from the 1950s were small and exquisite, exposed women’s freshly new hairstyles, and framed the face painted in makeup. Hats were usually made of stiff fabrics and kept in shape by wire.

Hats were usually worn with other accessories, such as scarves, silk gloves and handbags. For everyday wear, hats often paired with shoes, handbags, gloves, belts and jewels in colors and materials. In 1954, Juliette caps and berets covered more area of the head and leaned back slightly, revealing a new trend of short “Italian” hairstyles. The veil was not used to cover the eyes, but to draw attention of other people. In the middle of 1950s, hats became bigger and more dramatic with lots of decorations.

The shell-shaped cap was the most popular style in America during the early 1950s. They sat upright on top of the head with fashionable hairstyles, such as long hair pulled back into a chignon. Summer straw hats were made of real straw or new synthetic materials like cellophane and crinoline, woven into textured hats, sun hats and bonnets.

The flat hat was one of the hats that dominated the 1950s styles. A round thin hat was completely flat, and a saucer hat had a slight downturned brim. Mushroom hats had deep downturn brims all around. In the early years, people liked to wear small hats like halos. In later years, the hat was widened to accommodate a bigger framing of the face. Decorations can be lace ruffles, furry fur or layers of small feathers.

The 1950s cloche resembled a bucket hat today because its brim sloped down at an angle. Usually people used a simple narrow ribbon band with brooches, pins, jewels or flat bows at one side to decorate the hat.

Pillbox hats have been a popular style of small hats since the 1940s. They were round, only a few inches tall, with straight sides and flat or slightly rounded tops that covered the top of the head. Over time, the depth of the crown increased to 4 or 5 inches tall. Some pillbox hats also had mesh veils, and some fancy versions even had trims, beading or fringe decorating the sides.

All kinds of hats reflect the classic and fashion of the 1950s. Most of the hats in the 1950s have been popular among women until nowadays.

Men’s Outfit with Hats

A hat is an accessory for both men and women as it completes the look of their outfit. Hats may not as popular as the past when men often wore a hat. Nowadays, hats have been redesigned in a classic and stylish way, and they are once again becoming a hot new accessory for men.

Hats are a way to protect the head from extreme heat and cold. They have also been a symbol of authority, power, status and fashion for many centuries. Today, they are still part of the uniform of police officers, military men and others. They come in all sizes, shapes, patterns and even textures, and can be worn by both men and women.

Men’s hats come in many shapes, sizes and textures. So, you can sort through some basic hats and pick one that goes with your clothes to make your outfit look great.

How to choose the right hat that goes with your outfit is not difficult as you thought. Here are some tips help you pick the right hat.

Firstly, before you choose a hat, you should think about what your outfit style is. Let the hat perfectly goes with your outfit, this is an important rule for you to pick up the right hat.

Secondly, the hat must fit your head. It should neither too big or too small. Because hats vary in sizes, shades, and styles while your head size is fixed. Therefore, you need to measure your head size and then choose a hat fits your head.

Thirdly, hats are a reflection of your personality, and people can learn a lot about you from your hats, so choosing a hat can show your style. A hat that doesn’t match your outfit is a mistake, both in style and fashion.

Fourthly, one of the most important things about choosing a hat is whether it fits the shape of your face, because it may look good on someone else’s head, but it looks bad on yours.

Last but not least, it’s best to keep the shading and tone of your hats in line with your outfit. The most important thing is to ensure the harmony of the overall look.

As time goes on, men’s fashion sense gets better and better. They are becoming more and more fashionable, and even more aware of how to follow fashion. Men tend to explore new looks and styles in different ways and put a lot of effort into accessories. Hats are a special way to change your look and to make your clothes look better or to make you look more easygoing. There are a wide range of hat styles available, some of hats styles are beanie, baseball cap, flat hat, bucket hat, Panama hat, bowler hat, beret and much more.

Wearing a hat is not an easy thing especially when you match it with your clothes. The styles and looks are the most important factors that you should take them into consideration when choosing the best sun hat. As a part of your outfit, make sure the hat and your outfit are in perfect harmony.

How to Find a Suitable Beach Hat?

Have you prepared your headgear for your summertime, and if you have planned some interesting activities for this summer holiday? If yes, it couldn’t be better. If no, you’d better hurry. But remember when choosing a beach sun hat think of the protection it can give you, plus what time and where are you going to wear it. As we can see, there are many kinds of hats which provide varying degrees of protection, designs, styles and functions, etc.

A good hat not only performs well at protecting you from the sun and the rays, but it also keeps you cool by shading your eyes and face as well as helping to block sun glare. There are several major points that you need to notice when you are choosing a good beach hat.

The brim of the hat

A hat comes with wide brim that can protect your eyes and the back of your neck. The optimum width of a hat should be at least 3 inches (7.5cm), which can offer the best sun protection for you. Some hats’ brim can be angled downwards that can shade your face and neck for all day long.

Bucket hats are great for sun protection, and some of them have wide brim that enough to cover your face and back of the neck. The brim can be rolled up and down, when you are in the hot sun, you can roll it down to get extra sun protection; when it is in windy days, you can roll it up to withstand the strong wind. While some sports caps are very popular among men but they rarely gives you more protection for your neck and ears.

The primary goal for a hat is to prevent you from developing skin cancer. Thus, you should take it seriously when you choose a sun hat. If you will stand in the sun all day long, you can choose a hat with neck flaps that will protect your neck and head. The bucket hat is specifically for fishermen, walkers or backpackers and anyone sensitive to the sun.

The fabric of the hat

Someone may first consider the fabric of the hat when they choose the best beach hat. Beach hats are often come with cool and breathable fabric with good ventilation to keep your head cool and dry on the whole days. It will keep your eyes shaded and prevent the sweat streaming down your cheeks. Hats made of straw or raffia is not very durable and cannot be crushed easily.

Nowadays, most hats are made from a fabric rated with an Ultraviolet Protection Factor. A hat has UPF rating of 50+ will give you maximum protection. This is particularly important for kids and some adults who have delicate skin. The hat is the easiest and the most effective way to protect their heads and faces.

Ventilation ability

Bucket hats often have mesh panels for ventilation on the sides of the crown. This may be an added bonus for you to choose the bucket hat. But remember to choose a bucket hat with small meshes, otherwise, you scalp will get sunburned. Some of the hats with a headband can wick away the moisture of your head and absorb the sweat.

Pattern Collection of Bucket Hats

Since the development of the bucket hat, its design style has become more and more diverse. The bucket hat has become a fashion item that can be both sun-protected and help you to pose by wearing the hat. Bucket hats were originally used to protect Irish fishermen and farmers from the sun and rain. The bucket hat has experienced nearly a century of development, from the original monotonous color to the current bucket hats with various colors and patterns. This means that there are more choices for people to choose from.

Ingenious fashion designers seem to have the magic brush, showing everything vividly, and sketching out the most spiritual space with minimal lines. Design includes space and color, design comes from life. The bucket hat has experienced the painstaking efforts of many designers. Bucket hats are generally divided into solid colors, floral and letters pattern. People who like hip-hop may also like the bucket hat with patterns on it, because they think that will make them different from the others.

Here are some stylish and classic bucket hats with patterns that I would like to recommend to you.

  • Fruit Patterns

When it comes to stylish, refreshing and age-reducing prints, fruit prints are the best choice. Especially in the hot summer, when you see these colorful fruits, you can’t help feeling energetic. When you put on the clothes in fruit printing design, it will make you look lively and cute. No wonder many people say fruit design is the biggest trend in summer. Compared with the artistic floral patterns, fruit prints are more youthful. In addition to the fruit-printed clothes, there are a lot of fashion items launched in the fruit-oriented fashion circle, including the bucket hat .

Colorful fruit pattern can drive away the heat brought by the hot summer, giving people a fresh feeling. Different color collisions can also bring different good moods. Refreshing and interesting fruit pattern, such as strawberry, apple, watermelon, when the playful and hippie fruit elements are incorporated into the bucket hat, they will make the hat full of fun.

  • Floral Patterns

Many people dare not try printed style of bucket hats; they think that these hats are too fancy. In fact, floral pattern is really good to wear in summer, especially to wear it under the bright sun. This kind of ink-printing is very classical and chic. It is relaxing for people to enjoy the holiday by wearing this kind of bucket hat, which is full of holiday atmosphere.

The bucket hat is infused with floral motifs, which is interwoven with vitality and romance. It is really difficult for people to handle this kind of bucket hats, because it is too dazzling. Your clothes may not easy to be matched with this hat. Actually, this bucket hat is best matched with solid-colored clothes, so that the bright color of the bucket hat can be neutralized with the color of the clothes; let the bright color neutralize the solid color, so that the bucket hat can become the finishing touch of your overall look.

People nowadays are always curious about new things. They like to try some strange things. For example, this kind of printed bucket hat is very fancy and most people may feel that it is very cheesy. Everyone has their own aesthetic standard, so you just wear as you like.

Cartoon Bucket Hats

I believe that everyone usually buy some clothing with cartoon elements, such as Mickey Mouse, SpongeBob and so on. Cartoon pattern is a kind of pleasure or sometimes it has retro fun. Careful fashion circle friends should not be difficult to find that the fashion circle has been occupied by many animated cartoons. No matter how high-end luxury goods, you can always see the familiar cartoon characters in the design of the costumes. Cartoon bucket hats evoke memories of our childhood.

Recently, cartoon image appears frequently in the fashion week. Designers tactfully integrate cartoon elements into the design of bucket hats. Do not think of cartoon pattern is only worn by children, and it is very naive for adult to wear it. In fact, some people wear this kind of cartoon clothes or the hats because they have a kind of nostalgia for their childhood, and they want to retain childlike innocence; while some people just like this kind of cartoon patterns, for they are very cute and interesting.

Speaking of that, let’s take a look at what cartoon designs are in the bucket hat.

  • Cartoon Snoopy pattern bucket hat

Snoopy is Charlie Brown’s pet beagle in the comic strip Peanuts by Charles M. Schulz. Snoopy can also be found in all of Peanuts movies and television specials, like The Peanuts Movie. Snoopy is a loyal, innocent, imaginative and good-natured beagle. Since it appeared on October 4, 1950, Snoopy has become one of the most recognizable and iconic characters in the comic strip, and is considered more famous than Charlie Brown in other countries. Seeing such a bucket hat with Snoopy, does it recall your childhood memories?

  • Cartoon zebra pattern bucket hat

In shamanism, zebras are considered as a symbol of balance and peace, and they also represent individuality. This bucket hat with a yellow base is printed with a zebra pattern, which is really stylish. Besides, this hat has no too fancy patterns, so that it can be worn by both adults and the kids.

  • Cartoon horse pattern bucket hat

The white horse pattern on this bucket hat may remind you of “Prince Charming”. Every girl has her own Prince Charming in her heart, and hope that they can have a romantic love like the poor girl and her Mr. Right in the fairy tale. In addition to the white horse pattern, there are some stars and moons; the whole picture is very beautiful, which adds a romantic and mysterious feeling to the hat. This hat is perfect for girls.

  • Cartoon full fast food printing funny bucket hat

This bucket hat is full of burgers and cola patterns, which might instantly evoke your appetite. Some people with personalities, who like to put their favorite things on clothes. On one hand, they would like to give people a cool feeling, on the other hand, to catch the attention of people.

The cartoon characters on the above bucket hats are not very complicated, so you don’t need to worry that the cartoons will look very naive. In fact, as long as you like it, you can try it on.

Bucket Hats for Lazy Girls

In summer, you certainly don’t want to stay alone at home, either to go shopping with friends or go somewhere else to play, while the hot sun makes you step back. This gives those lazyboots an excuse not to go out. They do not like to wash their face and their hair, but are not satisfied with their hairstyle and the overall collocation. Then how should they do? A hat as one of the headwears of the clothing category, it is a savior for people who are lazy but are keen on hanging out with their friends. The hottest sunhat is womens bucket hat. A bucket hat can solve all your problems for your outdoors activities, such as shopping, taking a picnic, and other beautiful things in summer.

The bucket hat was originally the exclusive costume of the Irish fishermen and farmers. Later, because of its casual and versatile attributes, it gradually became a must-have decoration for the majority of girls on the street. It must be admitted that the bucket hat is not only able to modify the face, but also it can improve the level of you overall look. There are many styles and colors of bucket hats that make you dazzled. With so many bucket hats, you may not know how to choose and match it.  So let’s learn the skills of matching a bucket hat from the following sets of outfits, to make it easy for you to go out quickly.

Look 1: Purple bucket hat & army green jacket & ripped jeans

If you are bold enough to try something new, you might as well try the combination of purple and military green. This purple bucket hat shows a sense of vitality, matching with a military green jacket, plus a pair of ripped jeans, which is enough to highlight the charm of women. This color of this suit neutralizes the military green and purple. In addition, jeans and jacket is also a good match.

Look 2: Beige bucket hat & grey striped shirt dress

When it comes to one of the most versatile bucket hats in summer, it must be the beige hat. The beige is milder than white and fresher than black, it just caters to the sunny summer, and so you can use a grey striped dress to pair with beige bucket hat. The mix of beige and grey is perfect, and looks very refreshing.

Look 3: Black bucket hat & camisole & camouflage pants

Cool girls like to wear a camisole in summer, which can show their nice stature of slim waist. The black letter-printed bucket hat with a white camisole, plus a pair of camouflage pants, the outfit is so cool and shows the girl’s personality. It seems that many girls have begun to wear this camouflage pants.

Look 4: Plaid bucket hat &plaid dress

Plaid became popular in the 1970s and 1980s, and many Hollywood stars have always used plaid as a timeless classic element, and even more than half of the fashion people are wearing them. If you love to wear a dress, then of course you can choose a plaid dress with the same plaid bucket hat. It adds a lot of modern fashion sense, let you stand out from the crowd.